The best (and most preferred) way for you to contact me is through the wonders of electronic mail. The contact form below allows you to do that directly through this page:

For the benefit of anyone wishing to add me to their mailing lists or send me press releases/pitches (which you should), my email address in full is:


Comments on this site are encouraged, but please try not to be a dick, if you can help it.

One thought on “Contact

  1. Hi,

    I’m Catherine, Head of Business Development here at SA Design Marketplace.

    SA Design Marketplace is filled with South African and African inspired tees and products from talented creatives and designers. I found your site and think that our products would a perfect fit for your store and customers.

    Especially with stores that serve expats and people passionate about Africa, we’ve shared tremendous success.

    Can we set up a time to discuss, or can you put me in touch with the right person to speak to?

    We’re excited to partner with you and look forward to next steps.

    Best Regards



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