Good morning/afternoon/evening.

The wily readers among you might have noticed a couple of things around here recently. The first is that there has been a suspicious absence of new content. The second is that most of the old content isn’t here anymore.

There’s a reason for both of those things.

As most of you already know, I’m currently the reviews editor and a podcast co-host over at Ready, Steady, Cut! – a promising start-up site which was initially dedicated to all things movies. But this is what happens when I spend a significant amount of time in a place. I nag. So, since my move over there, we’ve implemented a TV division, and, now, a fully-fledged gaming department. I’ll be running the written portion of that, too.

What that means, right now, is that almost all of my content that once lived here now lives there. What it’ll mean going forward is more of what you got here, but with a little more timeliness and structure. Reviews of the latest releases; thinkpieces; odd criticism; community gaming nights; and, eventually, another strain of the podcast, dedicated to video games. There has never been a better, more exciting time to check out Ready, Steady, Cut! and see what’s going on over there. It’s basically more of me, and some additional stuff from people that I like and whose work I enjoy. With that in mind, here are some links.





If you want the most up-to-date work I’m putting out into the world, then make the effort to subscribe to the site, follow the Twitter account, like the Facebook page, all of that.

As for what all this means for this site, well… not to worry. I’m going to endeavor to use these humble pages as a repository for all my off-site work (I’ll still be posting my “This Week in Movies” segments each week), but I also want to keep the wheels turning with some original content. So, for now, you’ll at least see my MMA/WWE writing appear here, as well as some odd one-offs I can’t get anyone to host elsewhere. I’ll also post accompanying pieces to various reviews if there’re some things I feel I need to expand on/clarify. Stuff like that.

It’s an exciting time, folks. I’d like you to be part of all this. I mean, obviously. If nobody reads what I’m writing, I’m essentially talking to myself. Who else is going to tell me that I’m right?

See you soon.

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