Yeah, I missed a week. But only one, so I suppose we’re getting better.

Small update, too, especially considering it covers a fortnight. The next one will be a big one, though, so don’t worry about that.

First up, a pair of Netflix Original movies. Sand Castle is a war drama loosely based on the real-life experiences of the screenwriter, Chris Roessner, who joined the Army Reserves to help pay for college – two months before 9/11. It’s okay, but nothing special. Small Crimes, likewise, is mostly okay, but its cynical attitude and murky sensibility ensure it’s a little less enjoyable than even an average movie like Sand Castle.

Next, Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire, filmed entirely in a single location and revolving entirely around one, long gunfight, is really enjoyable for what it is. Not as weird or as memorable as Wheatley and Amy Jump’s other stuff, but I don’t think it suffers for that too much.

And, finally, Dead Awake, a horror movie about sleep paralysis that is so boring and derivative that it could very well put you to sleep. Irony!

Like I said, next week’s entry will be a substantial one. If I bother to write it, obviously.

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