Dubai: A student has been accused of tampering with a health card to make it look like a police ID so he could go clubbing in Al Barsha.

The 20-year-old Emirati student, O.A., was said to have scratched off the word ‘health’ on the card and pasted the photo of a man in military uniform on it.

Id Ids Fake Ohio Scannable Cards Legitfakeid Then he used the fake card to enter a number of nightclubs in a hotel and stop a number of hotel visitors.

The defendant failed to appear before the Dubai Court of First Instance and enter his plea on Monday.

Prosecutors said the Emirati tampered with the health card and posed as a policeman in order to enter nightclubs. He is said to have held a walkie-talkie and carried out police work without being asked to do so.

A Sudanese security guard at the hotel told prosecutors that the incident happened in August 2013 at 4am.

“The defendant came up to me and presented what seemed to be a police ID card. I gladly cooperated with him because I constantly cooperate with police officers as part of my job. He told me that he would check the hotel… then he asked me about a number of nightclubs and bars in the hotel. When he stopped a number of visitors and asked me about their nationalities, I suspected his behaviour. I called the police immediately… a CID patrol arrived at the hotel. When they questioned him, it was discovered that he wasn’t a policeman and that he was using a fake ID. He carried the walkie-talkie as a trick,” said the Sudanese.

Presiding judge Urfan Omar adjourned the hearing until O.A. is legally notified to attend the upcoming hearing on February 27.